Choosing the Right Air Filter to help your Air Conditioning System

It is so easy to just forget and not change your filter but as you will notice that the dust is already piling up on your furniture or other surface of your home, this will really require you in changing your air filtration as a part of the air conditioner Anaheim maintenance. Having you dirty filter replaced will help you in reducing the allergens within your home. In this way, you could also avoid your air conditioning system from getting damaged.

It is recommended that your filter be replaced within 30-90 days but you must also consider if you are using the air conditioning system frequently. Change the filters every 30 days especially if you are using your air conditioner all summer long. This is because the filters in your air conditioner is the one which prevent debris and dust to pass in your ductwork, these debris and dust will cause your air conditioning system to decrease its efficiency and if not maintained could later damage your air conditioning system, if you spend few dollars for your air filter could save you money than having a major repair in the future because of these dust and debris. This will also keep your home feel clean and fresh and also free from pollution.

There are several factors when buying air conditioner filter, the main factors to consider are the size, the materials being used and the MERV rating.


It is very easy to determine the size of the filter, you will only need the dimensions that is directly printed on the air filter and you could use it as a reference. Dimensions are usually in width by length by depth, so to double check your air filter, you only need to measure the air filter dimension and then you are good to buy.


Upon purchasing your new air filter, you will find out that there are many options of materials the air filter to choose from and choosing among the materials will depend on what kind of performance of air filter you are going to need and the price you are willing to pay for these materials available offers you many options.

Fiberglass air filter

This air filter has fiberglass core is the most common and is more expensive than other types of air filter. It is made with fabric that is made of glass fibers and is dense enough in blocking most airborne particles. But this fiberglass air filter typically has lower MERV rating for they could not trap smaller particles such as pollen.

Polyester and pleated fibers

Pleated air filter is a great choice for your home for they have higher MERV rating and is not much more expensive compared to fiberglass air filter

MERV Rating

There is a MERV rating in every air filter and it is scaled from 1 to 20. If the number is higher, it means it is better. In choosing your air filter, you must consider the balance in your air flow and its efficiency and it is recommended that you must choose air filter that has a MERV rating of 6 to 8.